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Norma Ruttan

This proves that one doesn't need to be Jewish or Catholic to feel guilt. (Trying to insert a little humor here.) I was born to be a Catholic, not born a Catholic. Are we born that way or is it nudged into us? I know that God gave us a conscience, but does it have to work overtime? I have not had this experience of a parent with Alzheimer. You are carrying a big load and I wish I had wise things to say to you to ease your guilt. I will say that I have had depression most of my adult life. It alone can be exhausting without other responsibilities present in our life. I do have a willing ear for you to bend. Just call me. I love you.

Sandi Baron

Oh, my dear friend. Life is hard whether you are the care taker or the one being cared for. It can drag you into the quagmire and suck
on you trying to deprive you of your joy. I am so glad you vented in words. I pray it is healing for you. Perhaps this season will soon be over , and you can live on your own and be all that you want to be. I love you and miss you so much.

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