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Writing is not new for me, but blogging is. This is the site where I plan to leave an eclectic assortment of thoughts and ideas, reflections on experiences, and random bits of writing.

It often seems that my life is complicated, but whose isn’t? Writing allows me to organize my life, reason with my choices and decisions, find that balance between crazy and not. I find then, that I can laugh at myself. I also find that others also have complicated lives and that is all somehow fascinating.

So here I am with my first blog to piddle and putz and just be in it for awhile. I hope readers will find me and bear with me as I find my voice.

Basic information about me: I live on the Indiana and Ohio state line; I live in Ohio, but spend most of my time in Indiana. I have two teenagers, Eliza (18) and Isaiah (15) who keep me in constant awe of living. I am married to John, an independent businessman. We have 5 dogs (2 stay outside) and 2 cats. The animals also keep me in awe of simple things. I have a tee-pee where I can retreat from the craziness of life and find peace and solitude. I have wonderful friends. We are very involved in our community and in our church, both social involvements that I relished in many years ago, then withdrew from for a long time, so it seems both comfortably familiar and “new”. The rest of “about me” will unfold in blog posts as time ticks on…


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